Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Hi. My name is Pat. My cohorts and I started this blog for our Biology Senior Seminar to post interesting science stuff.

That was going to be all I was going to tell you about myself, but apparently part of our Senior Seminar is getting scientists to work on our people skills (whatever those are), so here we go:

I am in my fourth year at Ashland University (Ohio).  My major is Biology and my minor is Computer Science.
I am in MAA (Math Club), ACM (Computer Club), and TriBeta (Biology).

I like humor, science fiction, writing, pumping iron, jogging, biking, circular logic (Catch 22), Parkour, and being nerdy.

I live vicariously through awesome video games (see Final Fantasy X and Dynasty Warriors 4) and cool movie actors (see Ash Williams in Army of Darkness and Tony Stark in Ironman).

Being a college student, I have gained the ability to sleep anywhere, given 15 minutes and a horizontal surface.
And the shark-like ability to sense free food from up to a mile away.

You will most likely see me around campus with my nose buried in a book / computer screen to keep my grades up, or in Patterson at 2am due to procrastination / boredom / insomnia.
I am a night owl and avidly play the pinball game that came with my computer because the fate of the known universe depends on the outcome. 
I enjoy busting random Parkour moves, usually in the Library.

If you find out where I live by some crazy fluke, feel free to knock on the door of my dorm room while I check through the peephole.  If I don't let you in, it's because I don't like you.  Hate to break it to you like that, but oh well.

Many people will tell you I have a "very dry sense of humor", that I'm eccentric, and/or that I'm "cold" and “socially awkward”.  It's all true.

If I could change one thing about myself, it would be to not be Obsessive-Compulsive...I could snap at any time.