Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day!
April 22 is Earth Day!

Since 1970, today has been a day to raise awareness about protecting the Earth we call home.

There are many easy ways you can help every day by going green:

  1. Use less water
    • while you're brushing your teeth and shaving.
      • This will lower your water bill.
      • You really don't need the water running the whole time.
    • Take showers instead of baths.
      • Plus you won't be sitting in your own filth.
      • Save water: shower together! ;)
        Save water: shower together! ;)
  2. Turn off the lights when you will no longer be in the room.
    • Less energy used means lower emissions from power plants.
    • This will also lower your electric bill.
  3. Ride your bike to work, especially during the summer if you live close.
  4. Pie chart: How Americans get to work
    "Other means" = magic spells?

  1. Many stores sell durable reusable shopping bags for a nominal fee.
    • Most have cool pictures or slogans on them, meaning you can express your individuality and help the environment at the same time!
    • Picture: Reusable shopping bags
      Reusable shopping bags
  2. Starbucks sells reusable travel mugs so you can help the environment while you drink your coffee in style!
  3. Picture: Awesome Starbucks travel mug with dragon design
    Awesome Starbucks travel mug with dragon design
  4. The Lions Club has a program where you can donate your old eyeglasses to the needy.

  1. Save trees and landfills by using recycling bins for paper and plastic products.
  2. Office Max has a discount program based on how many ink cartridges you bring in to be recycled.

  1. Using a composter adds essential nutrients to the soil.
    • We put expired leftovers and grass clippings in ours.
    • This saves money on fertilizers and by growing some of our own food.
      • We get to enjoy home-grown garlic, chives, tomatoes, blackberries, and grapes whenever we want, for free!

  1. Volunteer for a local river or pond cleanup group.
    • You'll get to keep the environment clean, have fun, and meet new friends!

For more great tips, visit this EPA website.
For more information about Earth Day in general, see the Wikipedia Earth Day page.

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