Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Bit of a Personal Rant.

As I've made known, I'm an avid follower of Dr. Isis and her latest post was not one that I hadn't previously read from Adventures in Ethics and Science. Well I guess I'm at fault of "skimming and not really reading" Ethics and Science. But I do read On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess and she told me to re-read Ethics so I did. And...REALLY? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Protesters targeting the local school where Dario Ringach's children attend to "expose the other students what their father does for a living?"

Have people lost their minds? According to Dr. Free-Ride, protesters have showed up at Ringach's home in masks at night traumatizing his family. I couldn't find how old his children are but can you image (if they're younger) the damage this could have emotionally, mentally and socially on his children? How is targeting one man's entire family for what they believe to be "corrupt action on HIS part" not equally brutal and gruesome? They refer to the primates as "innocent beings..." HELLO?! Are CHILDREN NOT innocent beings?!


  1. Seriously, EVERYONE needs to read these posts/articles. Its disgusting. Negotiation is Over proceeds to explain of car-bombings and how wonderful it would be for some of these researchers to be in those cars...MESSED UP.

  2. I read that story too when Isis posted it. I can't believe people are being so radical as to target children! I feel so bad for Dario and his kids.

  3. So testing on animals is horrible but blowing up cars and terrorizing children are a-okay?
    That makes sense... if you ignore the whole "logic" thing.
    And I scoured that entire article but didn't see how they were "mutilating" the animals, but they keep getting "Animal Mutilator" added to their name as some sort of title.
    It's BS like this that keeps me from taking groups like PETA seriously. I mean, human breast milk in ice cream? Come on.

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