Monday, February 1, 2010

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As Pat already explained, the purpose of this blog is to discuss important topics we've discussed in our Senior Seminar and general science topics that interest us. I'm not sure whether we're required to introduce ourselves but it seems to be a trend. I’m Kelly, a pre-med student currently suffering not only a cold but a serious case of “senioritis.” Not only do I not have the motivation to do any of my studies but I’m recently overcome with a sensation that I know everything and don’t need to even worry about my lazy habits—I feel like the next week in micro might change my mind. Anywho, I’m a member of the American Chemical Society here at Ashland as well as Beta Beta Beta, the biology honorary. I’ve been doing research with Dr. Weidenhamer, the chemistry department chair, for two semesters now and love every second of it. I’m generally very sarcastic and love arguing. I’m an active volunteer at the local Nursing home and love visiting them every week. As I’ve mentioned I’m very lazy so the phrase “working out” isn’t in my vocabulary but I’ve been dancing for 4 years now, mostly lyrical and modern with a little ballet and jazz. This is my first year not competing with my studio because of school work and I think that’s where my laziness, i.e. resentment and lack of work-ethic comes from. But enough about me, let’s talk science…

After browsing some of the blogs I’m currently following, one trend seems to be dominating—2009 H1N1. To my surprise the posts I have read about the swine flu are not knocking the world’s extreme overrated reactions but rather promoting the panic. In my opinion, after having to do a journal presentation over the swine flu last semester, it’s just another strain of flu and not worth any of the hype. Contrary, people with way higher education than I have are glorifying the vaccination and reprimanding those of us who haven’t received it. I haven’t gotten the H1N1 vaccine, nor have I ever had a seasonal flu shot. I really don’t think I’m going to die from the flu. Granted I’m also a student who realizes I’m sick and, sorry Dr. AttendanceIsMandatory, I’m not going to puke in a trash can for the sake of listening to your lecture for a couple of hours when I can read the chapter from the text; but I also don’t really get sick to the point that I’m forced to miss what I consider important classes (this again probably ties into my laziness).

Important classes? This is a tangent for a whole different post but let’s just say I’m not going to skip Human Phys or Journal Club…ceramics on the other hand…

Maybe I’m not as informed on the severity of the swine flu. I realize its killing thousands but what flu hasn’t? The seasonal flu kills on average 36,000 people each year (as tabulated by the CDC). Is the swine flu really something fluids, sleep, and hand-washing can’t control?

Aside from the radical judgments taken on those of us who aren’t hiding in our basement from “the swine,” are the even more radical movements people are taking in an attempt to cure or avoid getting sick. I’m pretty sure killing all the pigs in your country isn’t going to do it. Neither is refusing to buy pork/pig products. I have a friend whose father works for Cargill Salt. He recently bellowed at me for using the term “swine flu” in his home where I was unaware it was forbidden. Since the terminology of H1N1 as swine flu, sales of pork and bacon and other piggy products has significantly decreased and so has the revenue of Cargill, who provides salt for many of these porkish delights. Over all, I think the severity of the 2009 H1N1 was way exaggerated and people are sick of hearing about it. More so, I think people are sick of being threatened into getting a vaccination or better yet, being reprimanded for not getting one. Given the choice, I’d rather keep Nyquil in business.

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  1. That video made me laugh so hard I almost choked on my coffee! Then I noticed the title of the post and started laughing again.

    As far as male stereotypes go, I pretty much fit one of them perfectly: I only go to the doctor if I’m suddenly missing a limb or suffering from copious blood loss. Otherwise, I just suck it up and carry on with my life (I’m a very stubborn person).

    I’ve been sick before and I was fine. I’ll be sick again and I’ll be fine. My plan is to just let my badass immune system keep me healthy.