Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Legal or Illegal that is the question.

Well I guess there isn't much introduction necessary for the blogs since most of the former posters took care of that, but my name is Zach and I am a senior at Ashland University and I am a toxicology major. At first I was having some difficulty coming up with what to make this first post about. Well I finally thought of something that has been a huge question for many people in the U.S. over the past decade or so. Should marijuana be legal or not?
I mean don't get me wrong I have never been a user of drugs and don't ever want to be, but I do know many people who used marijuana and many people who still do use marijuana not just as a recreational drug, but also as a medical drug. I do not condone the use of drugs in any way at all, but for some people this is the only way to relieve some common health issues. Currently there are 14 states that allow the use of medical marijuana and 2 states that have passed laws that favor the use of medical marijuana. Statistically marijuana is one of the safest drugs to use and helps relieve symptoms of many common medical problems such as glaucoma, pain relief, and has shown to be beneficial in the treatment of MS and depression.
Back to the point of marijuana being safe, in 2006 there were 0 reported deaths due to the use of marijuana, and as far as some browsing that I have done on the Internet 0 cases of overdose on marijuana. So that being said, the big question is should this be legal giving all the benefits that this illegal drug may have. Personally I think that it should be legal, but there still needs to be some sort of regulations for the drug. If we can some how find a way to isolate the active ingredient in marijuana that helps with all these different disease and problems we could completely eliminate the need for regulation and medical use of marijuana completely.

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