Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Science is fun again.

Well as I sit here with yet another case of insomnia, I was trying to think of something interesting that I have seen lately that has something to do with science. The other day I was browsing through YouTube and found a few videos from a group called Household Hacker. One of the posters for this channel does videos every Tuesday that has something to do with science. The videos generally show a simple science experiment that can be done by any one with simple household materials. Now most of these videos seem to be aimed at a younger audience, but if it gets people interested in some sort of science i guess it is good. I found this one kind of entertaining so check it out and check out some of their other videos.

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  1. Try using the embed function to put the video right in your post, instead of just the URL. The youtube page will give you the HTML code to paste in.