Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sober up!

The big 21. Traditionally, youths turning 21 in our nation enjoy having a little fun once they reach the legal age. Unfortunately, sometimes we go a little too far and need to sober up.

That didn’t happen for me. In fact, nothing happened at all; I completely missed my 21st. I was so busy studying for two exams, writing a paper, and finishing a lab report that I worked right through mine. I didn’t catch on until two days later when I checked my mail and found the birthday card from my mom:
Why did my mom send me a…oh.

Intent on rectifying this on my 22nd, I realized I would need a way to sober up quick to be ready to help run the sign-in at a high school math competition at 8AM the next morning.
I was wracking my brains, and then five minutes ago, I remembered the Sober Up Techniques episode of Mythbusters.

We’ve all had an occasion where we need to sober up. But what is the best way?  Is this it?  Have I found the magic bullet?

Unfortunately, if I’m remembering correctly, this wasn’t the best method. I guess I’m stuck with black coffee.